Announcement of a general membership meeting of the Windy City Empire on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 at 1pm. The meeting will be at the Center on Halsted Rm 205.

This is an announcement for a general membership meeting of the Windy City Empire on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 at 1pm. The meeting will be at the Center on Halsted Rm 205.
Some this meeting’s business will include the election of a new board member, approval of coronation budget as presented by the BOD, discussion of April, May, and June events and some discussion of Coronation.
If you wish to be on the board of directors you must be present to be elected. At the end of this email, you will find the by-laws related to elections of and eligibility for the BOD.
Heir Apparent to Nicole the Great and Emperor 26 of Houston, Falcon will be in attendance. He will be answering questions concerning the role of the Empress, and the Board in relationship to each other and the membership. He will also answer any questions you may have about the International Court System, our role in the system, The Heirs and International Court Council and our Queen Mother.
This meeting will also be the first of monthly membership meetings for the remainder of the year. There will be a brief board meeting to follow. All board meetings are open to all members of the Windy City Empire.
 By-law as it outlines how to fill vacancies
Article IV SECTION 3. VACANCIES. Vacancies on the Board of Directors resulting from resignation, removal from office or any other reason shall be filled by election at the first general membership meeting following the director’s resignation or removal.

By-law as it outlines who is eligible to fill the vacancy.
Article IV SECTION 6. ELIGIBILITY FOR POSITION ON BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Any member of WCE is eligible to hold a Board position provided they are a member in “good standing” as defined by Article III, Section 2, and have been a member of WCE for a period of six (6) months prior to date of election to the position.

 By-laws as it defines member in “good standing”
Article III  SECTION 2. MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING. A member in good standing will be defined as one of the following as applied on an individual basis: A. A member who has fully paid dues for the entire reign; or B. A member who has paid dues through the current month in question; or C. A member whose dues have been waived for reasons of hardship by the Reigning Monarch(s); or D. A Reigning Monarch; or E. A newly enrolled member who has attended two (2) general membership meetings and fulfilled the requirements of Subsections A, B or C above. 6 The Reigning Monarch(s)/Reign Secretary/Reign Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining up-to-date records as to who qualifies as a “member in good standing” for use in deciding a quorum at each monthly general membership meeting.

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